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Does my dog love me?

You know you love your dog ... but does he love you? In short, yes. Like humans, dogs express their emotions in a variety of ways, both subtly, secretly, and remarkably openly. However, sometimes it can be difficult to decode their behavior. Do they say "I love you" or are they just trying to bite you out of dissatisfaction? Observe and you will find out!

1. Classic dance "I'm so glad to see you"
Your dog jumps up with joy when you come home, glad to see you. He licks your hands and face, brings you his favorite toy or even gets you a bit dirty with excitement - this is his exclamation "I love you!" After all, his whole world revolves around you!

2. Searching for physical contact
My dog ​​loves physical contact with household members. He likes to be stroked after the dance of joy, and when that is not enough - he will squeeze himself under the arm. It is also a sign of great trust and love, after all, he is sure that our hand will not hurt him.

3. Long-term eye contact
When your dog maintains eye contact with you, it lets you know that it loves you and feels safe with you. According to behaviorist Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, eye contact also helps create a deeper bond. "When your eyes meet, you both release oxytocin, or the" love hormone, "the same hormone that the mother's brain releases when it bonds with her baby." It has to be natural though - forcing eye contact can get awkward quickly!

4. Sleeping in the bedroom
Sleeping on or near your bed means the will to stay close to you during your sleep together, but also vigilance, the will to defend yourself. It is a sign of loyalty and love.

5. Playing together and smiling
Scientists have found that dogs actually use the same muscles - as humans - to express their emotions, and that dogs actually smile! But that smile is usually reserved for playmates, beloved owners and friends. And when you see a smile on your dog - be sure of his devotion!

6. Tail wagging
A waving tail is associated with a very happy dog, although it can mean several different things.

7. Following you
Our quadrupeds are sociable by nature and, thanks to a strong herd instinct, will try to stay close to those they love and trust. The instincts that allowed our dog's early ancestors to stay safe while in the wild are still present in our dog's DNA. Doggies follow their keepers to stay close to their perceived pack leader, ultimately being a way of showing loyalty and protection and thus love.

8. Grooming and licking you
It's only natural for dogs to sometimes lick the face of a man they consider to be their leader. A doggy kiss on the face is a real sign of adoration! Dogs are social creatures, and nurturing one another is an intimate sign of a caring bond.

Dogs are extremely affectionate, excitable, and loyal, so it's usually not hard to feel loved by them. As long as your dog is happy, healthy, and well-groomed, he should show many or all of the above signs of affection from which he cannot help himself! I feel it every day when I wake up, come home from work or prepare food and play together.


"Your dog is the ultimate acolyte; he believes you are the very image of God."   

Donald Friedman, You're My Dawg, Dog: A Lexicon of Dog Terms for People 

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