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Easier with herbs...

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It's no secret that herbs are a natural pharmacy, helping us in the fight against many ailments and diseases. However, not everyone knows that herbs serve our pets equally well. Their beneficial properties can strengthen the dog's immunity, provide him with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and help during illness or convalescence. Which herbs are the healthiest for dogs? How to serve them so that they bring the most benefits to your pet?
Healthy herbs for dogs
Of all the herbs known to people, we can distinguish at least five that are best for the health of our furries. They are safe, easy to obtain and prepare, and most importantly - helpful in the fight against many common diseases and conditions that our dogs struggle with. Which herbs can be given to dogs?
Basil - It's fully accepted by dogs - they like it very much. And that's good because basil has antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. In addition, it soothes inflammation of the joints and intestines (high concentration of beta-carophyllene). It also improves the mood of our pets, reduces stress and anxiety.
Dill - A little bit of this delicious herb can bring your dog many benefits! If your dog is a "living vacuum cleaner" and is picking up anything that falls to the ground or a trash can is the best place to play and snack, it's a good idea to have some dill on hand. It is an excellent digestive aid, it copes well with nausea, gas, and cramps. Besides, it refreshes the dog's breath thanks to its antibacterial properties, according to the authors of the book "Herbs for Pets" (Gregory L. Tilford, Mary L. Wulff).
Parsley - It is an excellent source of flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins, is often added to dog treats as a breath freshener, and can also be used to "calm" the stomach.
Rosemary - It perfectly fights bacteria and fungi, supports the circulatory system, and its antioxidants effectively fight cancer. It also greatly stimulates circulation and strengthens the liver, and beta-carophyllene contained in rosemary accelerates wound healing.
Mint - Mint is also healthy for pets, helpful in indigestion, spikes, and flatulence.
How should I give my dog ​​herbs?
One of the easiest ways is to sprinkle them with food. The proper selection of proportions in combining herbs is not without significance. It depends only on us and the pet's preferences whether the herbs will be fresh or dried. The former usually have a stronger effect, but the dried ones are easier to store, and usually in this form they taste better for pets.
Our "Button" mixture, proposed for all dogs, should only be used once a day in the following proportions:

Small pets, weight up to 20 pounds - one pinch a day
Larger dogs, over 20 pounds of weight - half a flat teaspoon a day

Remember that this is a supportive dose, not a healing one. If your pet requires homeopathic treatment, consult your veterinarian for treatment.
Herbal treats for dogs
If our pet is not a fan of food flavored with herbs, and the vet recommends serving them, we can try another way. These are delicacies with health-promoting herbs of different effects, aromatic, tasty (we try each of them ourselves during production), without preservatives and other chemicals, sugars or salt. Our range of delicacies is large, based only on organic products, obtained from local farmers (buffalo meat or poultry), gardeners (vegetables and herbs) or specialized organic food stores. These types of delicacies are slightly more expensive than ordinary delicacies, often lying on store shelves for months, but due to their invaluable pro-health properties, it is definitely worth investing in them to avoid future problems, and to make your pet's health and joy longer and more pleasant.
As a curiosity, I would like to add that my four-legged friend from the shelter loves all delicacies with herbs, and their effects exceeded my expectations - despite his slightly advanced age, he feels great, all joint and stomach problems are gone, and his gratitude is great.

I recommend snacks for dogs for all dogs and all ages. I also recommend a mixture of herbs for sprinkling on the food, beef bone broth (cooked for 72 hours, the best source of collagen for a dog), chicken bone broth (cooked for 48 hours, another best source of collagen), peanut butter with the addition of excellent and loved by dogs. herbs!
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Homemade, hand-made treats for dogs of all ages are the best dog gift with thanks, for the dog's birthday, for all festive occasions, and training meetings. It is also an excellent supplement with minerals and vitamins contained in health-promoting herbs, added to individual delicacies with other positive effects on the health of the dog. Their additional advantage is the lack of any inappropriate additives or preservatives. Treats for your friend are health, freshness, divine aroma, gluten-free. These are also cookies for you; all products are also perfect for humans, only devoid of salt, sugar, and what we like, and it is not always advisable for a dog. All delicacies are prepared on the basis of private recipes in consultation with veterinarians and nutritionists. Check out the online store:

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