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Easter and dog

Many tasty wishes! Happy Easter!

The dog is a very social creature. Not only does he get attached to us quickly, but he often tries to tell us something: body language (with his tail, ears) and barking, growling, howling ... Really, do we realize why the dog tilts its head?


Every dog is definitely trying to understand human language. Every Chester or Bonzo can remember many individual two- or three-syllable words and associate them with a specific situation. Nay! Dogs also listen to our dialogues. From that doggy staring - and sometimes even barking at the word - you can lose the plot ...

One of the elements of a dog's speech - and a dog's listening at the same time - is tilting the head. The dog always does this in the direction of the sound or in the direction of something that intrigued the dog. Then he focuses only on her, deaf to other stimuli. He listens to spoken words, tries to guess your intentions, or hears sounds unfamiliar to him. It helps him focus.

He may also - by barking, staring at his owner, and tilting his head - inviting him for a walk or asking for a treat. If in the past tilting the head has provoked a positive reaction from anyone, the dog will surely remember it and will try to repeat it. All to produce a similar effect! So if we are wondering why the dog tilts its head when we talk to it, it may also be because it wants to put a smile on your face.


"You. Me. Together. Always "   

Dan Gemeinhart, "Good Dog" 

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