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Healthy Dessert for Dogs

Happy November! Thanksgiving Day is just ahead. Soon we will meet at family dinners with delicacies served only once a year! Great feast with thanks! I love it. Button too, because he usually gets something special, also with thanks for his joy and gratitude.


Every dog ​​keeper knows how important dog treats are. They are a variety to the daily dog ​​menu, and at the same time they have another important function - they are a tool in the process of upbringing and training. Dog treats can be served every day, so they must be not only tasty but also healthy.


Regardless of whether you choose a treat for your dog in the form of cookies or balls, always follow their composition. Many of them contain fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives. This mixture can make your dog struggle with digestive problems. Dog "fast food" delivered to a dog in excess may also have a negative impact on its overall health, including cause overweight or problems with the liver, kidneys ... Good quality dog ​​treats are rich in protein and animal fats. They provide the necessary amount of nutrients so that the dog can fully enjoy good health and energy.


You can serve them as a delicious and healthy dessert, as a reward during training and daily walks. Once your pooch can taste a buffalo, kangaroo, or rabbit (all of them will be available soon), other times aromatic fish or tasty poultry enclosed in healthy and delicious dog treats. Dog treats express your love and commitment to the best possible care. So they strengthen your bond.


Dogs, just like humans, have their weaknesses, and every now and then they want to eat something different than what they have on a daily basis. And it is with this awareness that we offer something that meets the innermost desires of our and your four-legged friends.

Every dog must have his day.

Jonathan Swift

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