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Hug me, and you'll be healthier...

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We do not consider the emotional relationship with the dog. We also don't consider the link between dog ownership and its health benefits. Moreover, we do not realize that the above possible thoughts will become the subject of research not only in medical but ...

In 2006, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) officially recognized contact between us and the dog as

"a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between humans and animals, influenced by the behaviors necessary for both the health and well-being of both".

Although we notice that our mood sometimes takes on color, headaches subside, and a "forced" walk is a lot of fun, but do we associate it with the presence of a dog? Is it just our impressions that something is different, or is it a proven reality ...

Scientific institutions, the publications of their research show the exact relationship between our health benefits and owning a dog, so they make our impressions come true. Here are a few of them.

CHILDHOOD WITH A DOG - Your baby's immune system is strengthened from an early age, so the likelihood of allergies and asthma is reduced. It has also been shown that children aged 5-8, growing up with a dog, skip on average 3 weeks fewer school activities than children living at home without a dog.

REGULAR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Any activity improves our health, as we know, but we do not always use this knowledge.

So I encourage you to walk the dogs, as they have a positive effect on all household members.

REDUCING THE RISK OF CARDIOVASCULAR COMPLICATIONS - By moving, stroking, cuddling, and caring for your friend, blood pressure and cholesterol are lowered. Studies have also shown that dog owners have an increase in the survival rate after a heart attack by as much as 22%!

A DOG IN THE ROLE OF AN ANTI-STRESS TRAINER - Of course, because contact with a close friend naturally triggers a feeling of pleasure and well-being, it reduces the level of stress, which is associated with a reduction in blood pressure. Let's use the individual relaxation therapy that our dog allows!

GREATER SENSE OF OWN VALUE - Whatever the life situation of the dog owner, the fact of taking care of his four-legged friend helps to build better self-esteem, improves mood, increases the sense of self-confidence. It's great to feel needed and receive in return the unconditional love of our four-legged friend.

GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER PEOPLE - Thanks to our fur coats, contacts with strangers become easier, conversations more spontaneous, and smiling - more natural. And if someone lives alone, a pro-social four-legged friend will undoubtedly help to establish contacts with other people!

CONTACT WITH OLDER GENERATIONS - The presence of dogs among older people greatly fights their depression, especially as contact with family or friends is becoming less and less.

DOG THERAPY IS MORE AND MORE RECOMMENDED… because the effects are excellent, especially for people suffering from mental illness, autism, or Alzheimer's disease. We should not forget about the extraordinary work of our guide dogs for disabled and visually impaired people. Dogs have many great benefits!

And we already know! The dog largely contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the owner and his loved ones. The only condition for all these mutual benefits is the joy of our pet! Keeping your dog healthy and well-being through healthy meals, snacks with supplements, socialization, exercise, and playful education will help everyone enjoy and deepen this unique relationship.

“It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”       Author John Grogan

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