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and their benefits for dogs

Superfood in Super Snack

Bowl of Berries
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In our Dog Kitchen, according to the opinion of our friend nutritionists, we create recipes without potatoes (only sweet potatoes) and cereals, including tapioca starch. Instead, we use chickpeas (but not chickpea flour) with a low glycemic index, which is an excellent source of protein, folic acid (important for the cardiovascular system and energy production), fiber (supports proper digestion), and the essential amino acid lysine (essential for many functions of the body, it also maintains muscle mass). Our delicacies also include almonds, oat, and other flours.
The bison meat and liver come from the USA, from farms in Wisconsin, where buffaloes graze freely on green pastures. Likewise, chickens and turkeys are cage-free and without the addition of hormones or other medications. The vegetables used in our delicacies also come from local farmers, and our herbs and seaweed are delivered to us by specialized natural, organic, and alternative food stores. Western Pacific salmon is an optimal source of protein and amino acids essential for muscle development and is an excellent alternative for dogs allergic to poultry.
Please review the ingredients of our delicacies, choose the right one for your furry friend or several of them, give him health, energy, and wonderful life!

Remember that dog treats should not exceed 10% of the daily meal dose!


Small dogs (up to 22 lbs.)                                                                     1 - 2 cookies a day
Medium dogs (22 to 55 lbs.)                                                               3 - 4 cookies daily
Large dogs (55 to 88 lbs.)                                                                     5 - 6 cookies daily
Really large dogs (over 88 lbs.)                                                        7 - 10 cookies daily

Reduce the main meal accordingly, depending on the age, weight, and activity of the dog. To maintain the quality and freshness of the product, after opening - store in a closed container in a dry and cool place, and use the opened package within 7 days. Please remember - permanent access to fresh drinking water.

  • super antioxidant;
  • source of vitamins and minerals (vitamins K and C, beta-carotene, calcium, lutein).
  • especially protects the liver against toxins, some drugs, and heavy metals;

  • stimulates the growth of new liver cells;

  • strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

  • improves the body's immunity;

  • cleanses from parasites;

  • supports digestion;

  • has anti-ulcer and anti-cancer properties;

  • strengthens health, hair, skin, and teeth.

  • supports the immune system (vitamin C);
  • improves eyesight (vitamin A);
  • supports liver health;
  • has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • strengthens immunity;

  • moisturizes the skin and coat;

  • supports proper digestion;

  • helps in fighting parasites;

  • supports weight loss.

  • strengthens the immune system;

  • prevents and soothes the symptoms of allergies;

  • supports the proper functioning of the immune system;

  • reduces the risk of cancer;

  • contains enormous amounts of iron, vitamin B12, and beta-carotene.


  • Contains a high level of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for cardiovascular health, reduce inflammations in the body, help improve dog skin condition and reduce itchiness, decrease arrhythmia, and regulate cholesterol levels for the better, reduce the risk of blood clots, and improve dog eyesight.

  • Rich in essential vitamins (B3, B6, and B12) and minerals for dogs (selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium).

  • It’s an excellent source of lean protein (which is very important in helping with muscle growth).

  • the high content of protein supporting muscles and cells;

  • low fat;

  • supports the work of the heart;

  • maintains proper blood pressure.


  • urinary tract health;

  • bladder infection prevention and healing;

  • treatment of stomach ulcers;

  • great source of vitamins A, B1, B2, and C;

  • high in minerals (including manganese);

  • vision improvement;

  • high in antioxidants.



  • the best antinausea herb and well-tolerated by animals;

  • stimulates the digestive juices and helps expel worms.



  • strengthens teeth and gums;

  • supports the proper functioning of skin tissues;

  • improves the quality and appearance of the coat.



  • contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids;

  • keeps the coat shiny and skin healthy;

  • strengthens the immune system.


  • prevents pain associated with arthritis;

  • reduces the possibility of blood clots due to its blood-thinning properties;

  • helps with irritable bowel diseases;

  • great antioxidant;

  • strengthens the immune system.


  • great energy;

  • antioxidant activity;

  • antiseptic activity;

  • support digestion.


  • contains non-allergenic proteins (easily digestible meat for animals with intolerance to red meat);

  • low in fat and cholesterol (supports the work of the heart);

  • a good source of B vitamins, mainly B6 and B12 (keeps the skin and coat of dogs in good condition);

  • a good source of minerals;

  • reduces the risk of diabetes, stimulates the immune system;

  • contains sprayed linoleic acid (CLA), which is used to prevent cancer.



  • good source of fiber and vitamin C;

  • large doses of vitamins and  minerals;

  •  antioxidant properties; 

  • improve visual acuity and memory.

  • soothes stomach pain, supports digestion;

  • causes the excretion of worms from the body.

  • supports digestion;

  • counteracts indigestion and diarrhea;

  • soothes rheumatic and arthritic pains;

  • maintains the proper balance of the oral flora

  • cholesterol-free;

  • gluten-free;

  • high in plant-based proteins;

  • packs a lot of polyunsaturated fat.

  • improves digestion;

  • combats yeast infections;

  • relieves allergy symptoms;

  • support joint health.


  • strengthen your dog’s muscles (magnesium);

  • increase the strength of your dog’s bones (potassium);

  • improve your dog’s brain function (vitamin B6);

  • supercharge your dog’s immunity (vitamin C);

  • promote and help maintain healthy blood pressure (potassium & vitamin B6).


  • regulates the work of the intestines;

  • coordinates the functions of the muscles, nervous and immune systems (magnesium, sodium, potassium);

  • maintains good skin condition;

  • strengthens bones and teeth.

Toxic and Dangerous Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat
alcohol, apple seeds, avocado, beans, chives, chocolate, coffee, dairy products, egg white (raw), fava beans, fish (raw), garlic, grapes, macadamia nuts, mushrooms, onion, potatoes (raw), raisins, rhubarb, salt, sorrel, yeast and yeast bread or cakes. 
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