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our yummy story

SNACK FOR DOG is made in the Dog's Kitchen (certified kitchen), to which - to be honest - dogs are not allowed, but they bravely wait at the door, sniffing the smells of baking.
Dog's Kitchen is a family manufacture of handmade dog snacks. Our delicacies are made in a traditional way, by hand, and the ingredients used are natural or organic. We use the services of local farmers (vegetables) and
a dog's organic garden (herbs). It is worth mentioning that all ingredients are of the highest quality, also intended for human consumption. Meat added to the delicacies for our pets is always fresh, organic, and if intended for grinding - we also do it ourselves without unnecessary additives or bones.
Homemade cookies, baked according to our recipes based on the knowledge of veterinary doctors
(look at the ingredients and their benefits), are our passion and love for pets. Observing our dog friends, we decided to prepare something tasty for them, which will also be a perfect supplement to their diet, and now also to your pet's diet.
We create healthy gluten-free snacks for dogs of all ages (soft and hard), which contain ingredients that give more energy, reduce allergies, improve their coat, also help to maintain weight while maintaining the right proportions and nutrition rules (see page:
In the SNACK FOR DOG, you will find luxury with bacon, fish, chicken, turkey or liver, sweet potato, pumpkin, pineapple, etc. We are also working on other flavors in conjunction with the Dog's Herbal Mix.
The first impetus for action came from the CHEF BUTTON, who was adopted from
ORPHANS OF THE STORM - ANIMAL SHELTER five years ago. This is the Black Mouth Cur Mix, a dog of high energy, strong, responsible, bred to help farmers and hunters in the South East of America. However, he also has a lot of romance, he likes the garden, he watches birds, and shows a lot of thanks and friendship. Every day, for so many years, he says goodbye with sadness and greets with genuine joy. He loves his home, yard, and garden, and here she feels best, safest, and does not want to share her territory with others. That's why...
We want to support this shelter differently ... From each package of treats for your pet you purchase, we allocate $ 0.25 for the purchase of the necessary things (after agreement with animal service) for the shelter, and at the end of the year an appropriate financial donation.

Why is this a shelter? Chef Button, who supervises Dog Kitchens, comes from this shelter. More information can you found here:

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