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Happy Saturday! How are you today?

I am ready for Halloween evening and a meeting with children, who come more and more each year. They are wonderful, especially the youngest ones, disguised as fairy-tale characters. May it not rain ...


Super (Vegan) Snack for dogs is our hassle-free proposition for many pets who do not tolerate animal protein. These handmade cookies are very nutritious, containing a lot of vitamins and minerals from, among others, herbs valuable for the health of the dog (fiber, vitamins A, C, E, B group, iron, selenium, zinc, and many others). Carefully developed recipes are based on chickpeas, white rice (better digestible than brown), oat flakes, vegetables, fruit, and natural honey. The vegetables and fruit used in our snacks come from natural farms in Wisconsin, and our herbs and seaweed are supplied by specialist natural, organic, specialty food stores.

One of the bases of our delicacies is chickpeas (but not chickpea flour) with a low glycemic index, which is an excellent source of protein, folic acid, fiber (stabilizes blood glucose levels, therefore it is recommended for diabetics), and the necessary amino acid - lysine.

Folic acid is very important for the circulatory system and energy production. Fiber supports proper digestion, and lysine - necessary for many body functions, supports the maintenance of muscle mass.

Please review the ingredients of our delicacies, choose the right one for your furry friend or several of them, give him health, energy, and wonderful life!


Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.     Franklin P. Jones

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Superfood in super snacks!

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