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Why does the dog chew on furniture or slippers?

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At the beginning, it is worth answering the question of why the dog destroys furniture and other objects. Finding out the reasons for this can help you choose the best way to eradicate the undesirable behavior.

        The puppy tries to bite anything that comes within its mouth's reach. This behavior is completely natural. Biting is entertainment for a small pooch and a way to get to know the world. And when the milk teeth are permanently replaced, biting is a way to reduce the level of discomfort.

If an older dog destroys furniture, it usually does for one of three reasons. He has never been taught that this is inappropriate behavior, he is stressed or bored, and biting is his only entertainment.

        In order to teach your dog to chew on our things, we should, first of all, make it clear that this is a side effect. In addition, care should be taken that he can satisfy the need to chew on his own toys. If, in turn, the causes of destructive activity are boredom and stress - we should take care of the pooch's well-being.

        If you see a dog biting something it shouldn't be, always react. Not aggressively, but firmly and the same way every time. For example, you can say out loud "you must not" and move the dog away from the furniture or take the bitten object away. It is best to try to occupy him with a toy so that he learns that he should reach for it when he wants to bite something.

        Chewing is a completely natural need for a dog of all ages. If we do not give him a chance to satisfy it, the dog will start looking for items with which he will be able to play. So let's make sure that it has its own toys. When choosing such, it is necessary to take into account the size and age of the dog - for example, a puppy or senior dog should not get too hard toys, and

a very large dog, a small ball.

        Also, be careful not to let your dog play with something that may cut it after biting it, or with stuffing that the quadruped could swallow. The toys are best changed from time to time so that the pooch does not get bored with them. (Old toys can be hidden and taken out after a few months - thanks to this "exchange" they will keep the pet interested).

In addition, it is good to regularly give the pooch natural teethers. The unusual aroma and taste make that hardly any dog ​​can resist them, and some types of them (especially those with a flexible structure) can keep the pet entertained for long hours. A dog with access to such a teether is unlikely to be interested in old slippers. If he's stressed, nibbling on a treat can help calm him down, and will be a great activity in moments of boredom. Thus, the natural teether will satisfy the need to bite, play and reduce stress. In addition, natural chews have a number of other advantages: rich in natural ingredients, they supplement the dog's diet, serve for oral hygiene and prove themselves as rewards during training.

        The dog has to be alone at home or in the yard sometimes - that's obvious. Remember, however, that every pooch needs the owner's attention, fun, and the opportunity to run. We should play with him for at least a dozen or so minutes every day, stroke him, take him for a longer walk. If we neglect our pet for a longer period of time, we can expect that it will start looking for entertainment on its own. It is also possible that it will destroy things if only to attract the owner's attention.

        A dog should also be shown a lot of attention when we perceive that it is stressed. Stress and malaise in a dog may appear as a result of the absence of a household member, death of another pet, or moving house. Some pets become apathetic then, others may try to discharge themselves by destroying objects.

        Throwing your dog's damaged slippers or a broken scarf to play with is not the best idea. It is possible that the dog will become interested in new items of clothing later. The animal is not able to distinguish between the old and the new and the permission to play with one object can be accepted as consent to the appropriation of another, similar one.

        Clearly draw your dog's boundaries and show that he cannot destroy furniture, spend time with him, make sure he has his own toys and give him a natural teether from time to time - and you should deal with the problem of bitten chairs and eaten slippers.


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

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